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Ian Martyn
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Ian Martyn Whoa! I haven't honestly listened to much Welsh music, but this is really awesome! Favorite track: Bugeilio'r Gwenith Gwyn.
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Rydyn ni wedi recordio nifer o ganeuon Gymreig ar ein CDd'au, ac hefyd rhai sy'n cymysgu cân o Gymru gydag un o Loegr sydd yn rhannu thema er mwyn creu cân newydd sbon. Penderfynon ni i ddod â rheini at eu gilydd mewn gasgliad digidol. Hen ystyr y gair 'eilio' yw plethu ond hefyd canu neu gyfansoddi - addas iawn, meddylion ni.

We've recorded a number of Welsh songs on our CDs, including our own unique mixtures of Welsh material with their English counterparts or complementary songs. It seemed an idea to bring them all together in one digital collection. "Eilio" is an old word for both to weave or plait, and also to sing or to compose.


released October 10, 2013

Recordiwyd gan Pete Coleman, PipeDream Music; wedi'i mastro gan Donal Whelan, Hafod Mastering (oni bai am rhif 7 sy heb ei mastro)




Blanche Rowen & Mike Gulston UK

Songs traditional and contemporary from England, Wales and France ... two voices in harmony, with guitar, octave mandola, laud and bowed psaltery

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Track Name: Pan O'wn y Gwanwyn
Pan o’wn y gwanwyn ar uchelfryn,
Yn gwylio’r defaid gyda’r wyn,
Clywn lais fy nghariad ber ei chaniad,
Yn seinio’n llawen yn y llwyn;
Oedd gwawr llawenydd ar ei deurudd
O mor hardd ei lliw a’i llun,
A minnau’n syllu, ac ymhyfrydu,
Gan hardded hwyl fy annwyl fun.

When I was in springtime on a high hill,
Watching the sheep with their lambs.
I heard the voice of my beloved - so pure her song -
Ringing merrily in the grove,
Was that a blush of happiness dawning on her cheeks?
Oh, so beautiful her colour, her picture,
And there was I, gazing, enraptured,
At the happy beauty of my dear one